How To Create A Custom Route

One of the coolest features that BikerLoops Motorcycle GPS App offers is the ability to create a custom route  – on the fly right from your phone!  This, combined with the biker rated roads feature, are the two foundational features of BikerLoops. 

There are many benefits of the Custom Route feature, the first being that you can keep your rides spontaneous and avoid the cumbersome chore of planning your route on your PC and then downloading it to your traditional GPS or other motorcycle gps app.

Custome Route Feature BikerLoops Motorcycle GPS App
Custom Route Feature BikerLoops Motorcycle GPS App

So for example, if you found yourself in uncharted territory (which most of seem to do!), you could just open the app and create a custom route from where ever you are.  Which leads me to the other huge benefit: being able to incorporate motorcycle rated roads into your ride!  There are two ways that you can see rated roads; on the home screen that displays your current location, and when you search a destination with the gps feature.  Once you enter your destination, you’ll be prompted to select either Custom Route or Fastest Route.

When you select Custom Route, BikerLoops will automatically display the Fastest Route, the difference being that there will be waypoints (white circles) along the route that allow you to drag the default route to include the roads of your choice.


Below is a brief tutorial of how to use this feature:

BikerLoops Custom Route Tutorial