App Launch Update

Hello BikerLoops fans!

We have been working diligently now for months to get this app in your hands!  Our goal is to provide you with a very user friendly and user intuitive experience and we have been engaged in months of testing to ensure this.

Motorcycle Rated Roads

In Version 1.0 you will be able to see motorcycle roads that you have rated, as well as, roads rated by other riders.  All roads that have been rated will appear near your current location AND along your chosen route.  They will be color coded to make it super easy, and you can also tap on the road to see its corresponding rating; 4 star is green, 3 star is yellow, 2 star is orange and 1 star is red. 

When you enter your destination, you’ll have the option to take the fastest route (boring!) or to customize your route.   When you customize your route you can tap an drag the route to include motorcycle rated roads, or any road that you’d like.  We’ll have tutorials about this feature in the future!