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    BikerLoops™  Motorcycle GPS APP

    BikerLoops™ is a socially based motorcycle gps app that allows you to customize your ride based on motorcycle rated-roads!

    Just search your destination with the motorcycle gps app feature and you will see biker rated-roads near you.  You can then incorporate highly-rated roads into your ride – or avoid poorly-rated roads!  The roads are color-coded based on the rating to make it oh so easy!

    And you can pay it forward to the rest of the motorcycle community by rating roads, too – BikerLoops™ Motorcycle GPS App automatically prompts you to rate the roads you have ridden.  It’s simple, fun and effortless! Future updates will include biker-rated restaurants, bars and lodging, as well as, tracking and sharing features!

    BikerLoops™. Your Ride Your Way.


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    BikerLoops™ Motorcycle GPS APP Features


    Search your destination through the GPS function and choose the fastest route or customize your route based on biker rated roads.

    Points of Interest

    See gas stations, restaurants and lodging along your searched route and their internet ratings!  We’ll soon be adding biker ratings to restaurants and lodging in an upcoming version.

    Customize Your Ride

    You can see rated roads that are near you as soon as you open the app – and when you are searching a destination.  Customize your ride based on the rated roads.

    Color Coded

    All rated roads are color coded for quick & easy navigation.
    4 stars – 3 stars – 2 stars1 star

    Biker Rated Roads

    See roads rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on other rider’s experiences.  You can customize your ride based on the rated roads you see – either include them in your ride or avoid them!

    Great User Experience

    The App is geared to provide great value to the user while being simple, easy and fun to use.

    Rate Roads

    After your ride you’ll be prompted to rate the roads.  Help us create an amazing database of rated roads for our biker community and yourself!

    Quick Tips

    The first time you use BikerLoops™ there will be a brief tutorial that will explain what features are available and how to use them so there’s no guessing!

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    Who We Are

    Mark and Christina, the founders of BikerLoops™ Motorcycle GPS App, are avid motorcyclists who ride thousands of miles every year. They came up with the idea for BikerLoops when they were riding in unfamiliar territory and became frustrated at their lack of ability to find the best roads to ride on their standard gps app.

    “BikerLoops™ is founded on a love for riding and is dedicated to bringing the biking community together to elevate everyone’s riding experience! By providing a platform for the collective voice of the biker community, everyone can enjoy the best biker roads and biker friendly restaurants and lodging!”

    Mark and Christina both have a diverse backgrounds in business and entrepreneurship and bring this experience to the table along with their team of advisors and app developers to bring you a fun, simple and relevant mobile navigation app – made by bikers for bikers! Kickstands up!


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